Latent Couple Region Mapper - Github
By Jeremy "{{this.nick}}" Clark.
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This is a tool for mapping areas of your image for use with the Stable Diffusion Latent Couple Composable Diffusion extension.

How to use it

  • Open an image and/or set the size of the canvas
  • Click and drag on the canvas to draw a Region.
  • Use the red anchor at the bottom right of a Region to resize it, or click anywhere else on a Region to move it around.
  • Right-click on Regions to delete them
  • Regions can be snapped to a grid with the Snap Regions to Grid button.
  • The grid can be configured or turned off with the Grid settings at the top.
  • Each of the Regions you create will create a panel at the bottom where you can modify the Region's prompt and weight.
  • Modifying this prompt or weight will automatically update the values in the Output panel
  • When you're done configuring the Regions, copy the information in the Output panel using the Copy buttons and paste them into the corresponding sections in the Automatic1111 WebUI extension.
Grid Settings
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